Professional Allied Health Asssessments

The first time that our Allied Health professionals see a client in the community, we will conduct an initial assessment.

The type of assessment varies depending on the type of practitioner allocated, the clinical need, and the type of the referral. It will also vary depending on the funding scheme that the client receives for their healthcare.

Community Therapy is a mobile healthcare provider that delivers Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Dietetics, Speech Pathology and Massage to adults (over 18) at their home.

Types of Assessments

Please see examples of various assessments below:


  • Home care package
  • Short Term Restorative Care
  • Commonwealth Home Support
  • NDIS Assessments
  • NDIS Functional capacity
  • NDIS Plan Review reports
  • NDIS Assistive Technology reports
  • Rehab at home initial assessments
  • Lifetime care and support initial assessments

Occupational Therapy

  • Functional capacity under the NDIS
  • Initial NDIS assessments
  • NDIS Assistive Technology assessments
  • Home modification assessments
  • Homecare package assessments
  • Short Term Restorative Care
  • Private assessments

Speech Pathology

  • Swallowing Assessment
  • Speech Assessment
  • Voice Assessment
  • Language Assessment


  • Home care package
  • Short Term Restorative Care
  • Commonwealth Home Support
  • Residential Aged Care
  • NDIS assessments
  • Menu Review

Assessment Process with Community Therapy


Community Therapy is a mobile Allied Health organisation, and all of our services are provided in the community. Typically, initial assessments will take place in a person’s home.

This can include residences, group homes, residential aged care facilities or other settings. In the event that a person is not comfortable receiving an initial assessment at their home, we are able to provide services in an alternative location (i.e. a disability organisation’s office, one of our offices, or private meeting room).


After each initial assessment, a comprehensive report is completed and provided to the relevant, consented stakeholders.

This could be home care organisations and their coordinators, NDIS coordinators of support, the NDIA, rehab at home providers, and of course, the client themselves.


It is important to note that Community Therapy has a privacy and confidentiality policy and procedure.

At all times, the consumer’s personal information and their preferences of who their information or reports are shared with is respected.

Delivering Multiple Assessments

Community Therapy partners with many large healthcare organisations, such as homecare providers, aged care facilities, disability providers, rehab at home providers and private health insurers.

We are used to being able to provide a large amount of initial assessments across our service locations.

We’re very consumer directed and provide one-to-one private assessments all the time as well!

Why Choose Community Therapy for an Assessment?

Community Therapy operates under the guidelines of several different funding schemes. We also have internal models of care, professional development and continuous improvement.

  • We are an NDIS registered provider
  • Our policies and procedures have been audited by SAI Global
  • Our initial assessments and documentation are inline with the Aged Care Standards, which is important for our partnerships
  • We follow an evidence-based practice model
  • We conduct regular audits or our clinical documentation
  • We have inhouse clinical meetings, leadership sessions and supports

If you have any questions about Community Therapy, please contact us.

Assessment Referrals for Community Therapy

Community Therapy welcomes contact enquiries from everybody.

There are different ways that we can receive and process referrals, and the important thing is that we align with our referring organisations to streamline this procedure for our clients.

Community Therapy has our own referral process via our website or PDF fillable forms, which can be accessed by organisations or individuals. We are also able to accept and process referrals on our partner organisation’s controlled referral documentation.

Contact Community Therapy Today

To start the process, please use our contact or referrals pages.

People are able to upload supporting documentation that is sent to our administration inbox for processing.

Our wonderful administration team will conduct a pre-visit phone call to ensure personal preferences can be respected, safety concerns have been addressed and Community Therapy is established as an appropriate healthcare provider.

We look forward to working with you. You can expect compassion, care and professionalism when partnering with Community Therapy.

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Assessment FAQ

  • How long is the initial assessment?

    The initial assessment time can vary depending on the type of assessment and referral.

    However, it is typically between one and one and a half hours in length.

  • What is typically scheduled after the initial assessment?

    After initial assessment, the Allied Health Professional will schedule time in their week to complete the initial assessment report and also any liaison with other stakeholders.

    If we are required to return to the property, or book a follow up appointment, this will be communicated during the initial assessment.

    For example, for Occupational Therapy assessments there is often liaison with equipment suppliers or builders for minor home modifications, and will oversee this.

  • Does Community Therapy keep my medical record on file?

    Yes. Community Therapy typically keeps your personal and medical information on file.

    We have a privacy and confidentiality policy and procedure which we follow to ensure that it is maintained in private, and maintained confidentially.

    People are able to update preferences with how their information is managed at any time by contacting our administration team.