Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy

We support adult Lifetime Care and Support participants with Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy services.

We are a community practice and travel to our client’s homes or places of work.

We work alongside and collaboratively with Lifetime Care and Support Case Managers and Coordinators to achieve great outcomes.

  • We continue to accept new referrals
  • We have short wait lists as we continue to invest into our community team


Assistive Equipment​

We work with Lifetime Care and Support participants to prescribe appropriate assistive equipment such as:

  • wheelchairs – manual and electric
  • custom seating
  • cushions
  • mattresses
  • beds
  • shower and bathroom aids and equipment
  • everyday activity assistive equipment

We assess, quote and trial the equipment with participants to ensure great outcomes.

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Home Modifications​

Our Occupational Therapists work with Lifetime Care and Support participants to make modifications to their home to move around and access their home safer and more independently.

We assist with modifications such as:

  • rails
  • ramps
  • stair climbers
  • platform lifts
  • bathroom renovations

We manage the planning and quoting of modifications and ensure all modifications are completed safely.

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Exercise Therapy

We work with Lifetime Care and Support participants to design and manage appropriate exercise programs to help:

  • strength
  • balance
  • flexibility
  • endurance
  • reduce pain
  • fitness

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Skill building

We work with Lifetime Care and Support participants to increase their independence with everyday tasks and activities.

We work on building:

  • physical skills
  • cognitive skills
  • motor planning
  • organisational skills
  • use of adapted techniques and technologies

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