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In this episode, Scott Lynch (Managing Director of Community Therapy) speaks with Lorraine Poulos (Managing Director of Lorraine Poulos and Associates).

Image of Lorraine Poulos, guest on episode 20 of the Community Therapy Podcast.

Together they discuss all things in-home aged care reform. It’s a sector undergoing constant change and review, and many providers feel overwhelmed and uncertain of what the future may look like.

In this episode, Scott and Lorraine discuss the reform pathways and explore strategies providers can utilise to best navigate the opportunities and risks that are likely to arise as the sector evolves.

We hope you find this conversation useful and informative!


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  • The in-home aged care sector is undergoing constant change and reform, which presents challenges for providers.
  • Seeking help and support from experts can provide valuable guidance and insights for navigating the complexities of the aged care landscape.
  • Despite the challenges, opportunities for innovation and in the sector will arise as reforms are implemented.


(0:00) Introduction
(1:10) Summary of In-Home Aged Care Reform
(5:21) The Challenge of Uncertainty for Providers
(11:48) Opportunities and Risks for Providers
(18:44) Importance of Care Management
(24:58) How Funding Models are Evolving
(37:15) Getting Answers and Future Readiness
(42:02) Stages of Choice, Resilience and Seeking Help