In this episode Scott Lynch (Managing Director of Community Therapy) and Lloyd Valentine (Founder of Healthy Change Challenge) talk about:

  • Healthy Change Challenge
  • Healthy Change Village
  • Social Enterprises
  • The importance of being a mission, vision and values led organisation

Scott is Chair of the Australian Physiotherapy Association’s Gerontology Committee and Managing Director of Community Therapy; a company he started 5 years ago that has grown to a team of 70 Physios, OTs, Dietitians, Speech Pathologists and Massage Therapists. Community Therapy delivers values-driven community, aged and disability allied health services across the Hunter and Central Coast regions of NSW.

Today’s Guest

Lloyd Valentine is a purpose driven leader.

After an early corporate career in finance, Lloyd found himself unable to work for a number of years due to serious health issues.

Working with vulnerable people really helped with his recovery and he has been creating organisations and projects with people of all intellectual and physical abilities ever since.

Lloyd is the founder of Healthy Change Challenge and they are extending the reach of their mission and vision with the Healthy Change Village!

Things you will learn:

  • What Healthy Change Challenge does as an organisation
  • What a social enterprise is
  • What the Healthy Change Village is
  • The importance of mission, vision and values to an organisation

As discussed in the episode, take the time to consider what your organisation’s mission, vision and values are. 

Are they current and relevant?

Are they aligned with your strategic and operational plan?

A great healthcare business is dependent on these things. To deliver great healthcare, you need to be very clear and focused on these areas.