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In today’s episode, Scott will be discussing the benefits of using therabands for strength training.

What are therabands?

Therabands are rubber bands that come in both flat and tube-like shapes. They are commonly used in various exercises to add resistance to muscles.

Advantages of using therabands

There are several benefits to using therabands for strength training. They are:

  • Affordable: Therabands can be purchased for a few dollars, making them a cost-effective option for strength training.
  • Accessible: Therabands are widely available at retail stores and online, making them easy to find and purchase.
  • Portable: Therabands are easy to pack and take with you when traveling, making them a convenient option for workouts on the go.
  • Versatile: Therabands can be used for a variety of isotonic and isometric exercises, making them suitable for a range of strength training needs.

Risks of using therabands

There are a few risks to be aware of when using therabands. Both the flat and tube-like therabands can suffer from rubber fatigue and may break or deteriorate over time, especially if exposed to heat. It is important to regularly check the integrity of your theraband and replace it if it becomes dry or discolored. There is also a risk of therabands snapping back and flicking onto the arm or leg during use, so it is important to be cautious when using them.

Where to find therabands

Therabands can be found at most retail stores like Big W & Kmart (in Australia) and fitness stores, as well as online through sites like eBay and Amazon.

Who can use therabands?

Therabands can be used by a variety of health care professionals, such as physiotherapists, exercise physiologists, allied health assistants, personal trainers, and occupational therapists. If you are interested in using therabands for strength training, it is always a good idea to consult with a health care professional to determine the most appropriate exercises for your needs.


Therabands are an affordable and convenient option for strength training, and can be used by a variety of health care professionals to help improve muscle strength. If you are looking to improve your strength without investing in a lot of heavy equipment, consider using therabands as an alternative. Thanks for watching, and we’ll see you in the next episode. Bye!