At Community Therapy we have become a local healthcare leader due to high clinical standards across our clinical and administration teams.

We believe that great customer service leads to great healthcare experiences and clinical outcomes!

Our administration team and our administration systems are the engine room of our organisation and they cover everything from accounts and referrals, to client contact and office support.

Over many years, we have refined our systems and processes to ensure that all aspects of our customer service are consumer-directed.

Our customer service systems and processes are in place to improve the delivery of our clinical services and to ensure the safety of our mobile team of health care professionals. We ensure that we take the time to understand our clients, their personal stories, meaningful goals, and preferences of how they would like to receive their healthcare services.

We have robust systems in place to support feedback and complaints via our client’s communication preferences. We know that positive and negative feedback is critical to the ongoing quality improvement of Community Therapy’s services and actively seek feedback via many methods.

We don’t just rely on external feedback to support our ongoing quality improvement in regards to our customer services. Our regular team meetings, induction meetings, and team member quarterly reviews all look to capture feedback and ideas on how we can improve all aspects of our service delivery including customer service (which we all know touches every part of service delivery).

Recently, for example, we identified that although our current 1300 welcome message and voicemails were “fit for purpose”, we believed as a team that they needed to be at a higher standard.

Consequently, we invested in having our 1300 welcome messages and voicemails professionally recorded to ensure that our consumers and partner organisations are greeted professionally and also provided with relevant information, such as our service availability during COVID-19.

An example of our on-hold professional recording:

On Hold Recording Example During COVID-19 Pandemic

We are really proud of our customer service systems, however, we know quality improvement is continuous! So, if you have any feedback regarding our customer service, please reach out via: