Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy

We partner with approved Home Care providers to provide Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy services for their clients.

We become a part of the care team and help keep home care clients happy and safe at home for longer.

  • Mobile workforce – we visit clients at their homes
  • Managed service – we take care of scheduling visits with clients
  • Documentation – we provide reports for our visits to home care coordinators for all visits
  • Compliance – we provide all required staff compliance documentation for the home care provider’s records


Strength and Balance

We work with clients to provide evidence based exercises focused on increasing strength and balance.

We help clients with issues such as:

  • pain
  • falls prevention
  • frailty – prevention and management
  • rehabilitation post surgery or hospitalisation​

Maintenance of strength and balance is key to staying living at home longer.

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Assistive Equipment

We help home care clients with the provision of appropriate assistive equipment such as:

  • wheelchairs
  • walking aids
  • beds
  • mattresses
  • lift chairs / recliners
  • scooters
  • bathroom equipment
  • kitchen equipment

We manage the assessment, quotes, trial and supply of equipment.

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Home Modifications​ ​

Our Occupational Therapists work with home care clients to make big or small changes to their home to move around and access their home safer.

We assist with modifications such as:

  • rails
  • ramps
  • stair climbers
  • platform lifts
  • bathroom renovations

We manage the planning and quoting of modifications and ensure all modifications are completed safely.

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Short Term Restorative Care

We work with providers to deliver reablement and restorative wellness programs for clients.​

We help providers design time limited and goal orientated programs to ensure clients achieve their goals.​

We help clients improve their independence with everyday tasks so they can stay living at home longer.

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Homecare FAQ

  • Can you share a notable homecare success story?

    A home care organisation approached Community Therapy as one of their clients had a fractured neck of femur, she was admitted to hospital and had it surgically repaired. The client was deemed not suitable for rehabilitation and was discharged to a residential aged care facility.

    This lady was of multicultural background and non English speaking. Her family was highly involved and believed she still did have the capacity to improve her physical performance.

    We were engaged to visit the lady three days per week in the facility to improve her function. After three weeks, she was able to be discharged from the aged care facility and move back home with her daughter!

    She required the assistance of a Sara Stedy device, which she could use to stand up with the assistance of one person. After several weeks of Physiotherapy and rehabilitation at home with the home care provider, the lady now able to walk 40 meters with the assistance of a four wheel walker!!!!

  • In what ways do you assist homecare coordinators and providers? How do you keep them up to date?

    Community Therapy is a preferred provider of Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy for most of the home care providers in our region.

    A key way that Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy helps home care providers is by improving their consumer’s ability to remain living at home longer. We help people get stronger, more balanced and have equipment and modifications to their home that make their environment safer.

    If a consumer is able to live at home longer, that means they not only achieve their goal but it also improves the home care providers business by having “customers” for longer. It is win-win for everyone!

    We integrate strongly with our partner organisations, our staff essentially become their staff. As a result, we are key team members of those organisations.

    We ensure the coordinators and home care providers are kept up to date with reports and progress notes of all visits that our clinicians complete. Our clinicians also phone coordinators, and have clinical discussions, as well as attend case conferences and monthly meetings as required and even provide education for staff.

  • How do you communicate with the family of the homecare patient?

    It all depends on consent.

    We will communicate with the family of the homecare client however the client would like. As an example, the client may consent for us to liaise with their daughter, but not their son.

    If we are to disclose medical information about someone to another party, we must have consent from the person we’re treating.

    If an older adult has already provided power of attorney or guardianship to another party, and Community Therapy has been made aware of that, we are able to liaise with that person because consent has been provided.

  • Typically, how long does CT partner with a provider?

    Our relationships with home care providers that engage Community Therapy as their preferred OT and Physiotherapy organisation are ongoing.

    Each contract that we have with an organisation differs. It’s common for contracts to have a one or two year term that is then renewed with updated compliance documents.

  • If someone is privately paying you for homecare do you assist them with obtaining funding?

    If an older adult is privately paying for our services and we identify that they would be suitable for assistance from My Aged Care then we are able to place a referral to My Aged Care or help them place a referral for an assessment.