We help all our team members with their career progression

Community Therapy is an Allied health organisation. We take pride in growing a collaborative community of health professionals who can develop a career supporting adults and people living with disabilities.

We have a variety of career pathways for clinicians to consider, including clinical pathways towards specialisation in elective fields, as well as management and business skills.

Continuing Professional Development Statement

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is mandatory for Allied health professionals and we endeavour to make your CPD journey as enriching and seamless as possible throughout your career with Community Therapy.

CPD is also a mandatory and interactive experience at Community Therapy for all staff. This includes team members that are not allied health professionals, such as our wonderful administration team.

Education, as we all know, is critical both to building skills, but also to enjoy our careers. As we build our skills and capabilities, we tend to also build appreciation and satisfaction for our work.

The CPD Experience at Community Therapy

Community Therapy supports our team members to engage with CPD in a variety of forms, as we understand all of our people have different preferred learning methods:

  • Regular in-house training and presentations conducted by our team
  • Peer to peer case study presentations by team members that are specialists within their field
  • Engaging external suppliers and stakeholders that are specialists within their field
  • Participation in high-quality online training courses

We utilise our Human Resources and Learning Management software to ensure that we make it easy for team members to maintain their own CPD records, as well as the records for the company.

Group of people in the boarding room at Community Therapy headquarters looking at a presentation on the TV while a clinician speaks to the group

Career Reviews – Providing Opportunities to Grow and Improve

We have a regular rhythm of reviews with team members to comprehensively review whether career pathway goals are being met, and how we can best support our people’s future.

These reviews are bipartisan. This means that reviews are an opportunity for staff to provide feedback to their manager and find opportunities for improvement.

This mutual feedback is very much around supporting career progression. This is in terms of reviewing areas of quality improvement related to the career, then to identify/develop CPD plans and external education that would be beneficial to engage.


In terms of remuneration progression for our team, Community Therapy is held accountable to the Health Professionals and Support Services Award.

We benchmark our remuneration levels against the New South Wales Health Award to ensure that we are competitive in terms of remuneration.

Community Therapy’s remuneration structures are based on yearly, full-time equivalent progression, there are also dedicated pathways for progression beyond this.

Supporting Staff Preferences & Goals

We will support all staff’s preferences and goals and take pride in providing an agile and supportive workplace culture built on empathy and respect.

This starts from recruitment. We hope to get to know new team members and understand what they’re truly looking for.

We love to hire staff for a lifelong career with us, as well as support staff when their ambitions and passion change.

As an example, staff might express they would like to change their work schedule, or what type of work they’d like to do, and in most cases, we’re able to meet those preferences!

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