Life as a #dreamteam member at Community Therapy

We are a mobile Allied Health provider and consider ourselves a high-performance team of like-minded individuals, both across our clinical and our non-clincial teams.

Our mission is to support, enable, and empower our clients to live an enriched and meaningful life and this drives everything we do. We have a focus on quality improvement, empathy and care for the people we serve, as well as each other.

We have a strong equal opportunity culture at Community Therapy and this applies to all team members, including prospective team members! So if you are thinking, “should I apply”, keep reading!

Research shows that women and marginalised groups are less likely to apply for roles, even when they would like to, due to:
– thinking they need to tick every box in a selection criteria
– thinking they need to be more experienced
– thinking that the organisation or role will not be flexible for the modern work-life balance

We wanted to share that our work hour options are indicative of the modern work-life balance and we don’t expect that every box will be ticked or that you already know everything!

So, if you have a passion for community health care and would love to work in a supportive, flexible environment, please apply.

We’d love to chat and see how you could be a great fit.

Clinical Workload

Our clinical staff are typically providing home visits in the community to clients with a wide variety of needs and goals.

The number  of clients each team member is seeing depends on the type of person they’re supporting, how they’re receiving funding for their care, and also what clinical service is being delivered.

This is because some interventions, whether they’re initial assessments or if they’re ongoing treatments, can vary in the length of therapy.

Some clinicians might see three or four people in the day if they are longer sessions, such as initial assessments. However, if there are shorter, ongoing subsequent sessions, for example in Physiotherapy, it may be more towards six to eight sessions in a day, especially if they are nearby in the same region.

Community Therapy is a large team and it allows us to provide services in the community close to where our clinicians live. This typically limits the amount of travel time that our clinicians need to drive and lowers the amount of travel time that we need to bill our clients in the community.

Administrative, Support & Business Staff Workload

Community Therapy is proud to employ a range of non-clinical team members. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Clinical and Operational Managers
  • Communication and Marketing Team Members
  • Administrative Staff

Each of these professions are highly dynamic and collaborative, taking part in core business operations, as well as unique projects and staff-chosen pathways.

Team at the Hunter Disability Expo 2024

Internal Collaboration

Team collaboration is really important, especially for a mobile Allied health team. This is because without regular meetings or one-to-one supervision, or even team social events, we know it can be easy to feel isolated in a mobile workforce.

Fortunately, we’ve been doing this for a long time and know how to solve this.

We have weekly team meetings across all of our clinical streams, allowing people to have face to face time with each other and talk about case studies and different problems and solutions that we may have in our week.

This flows to our training and internal and external CPD presentations, as well as our one-to-one feedback sessions.

We have a wonderful social calendar where we may do enjoyable activities such as drinks and nibbles, all the way through to our formal Christmas party where we dress up in memorable attire and may attend a lovely wine tour, dolphin tour (which we’ve done before) or other suggestions from our team.

Two clinicians working together on a computer

Benefits of Working at Community Therapy

Here are just a few reasons why Community Therapy is a great place to work:

We have a flexible working arrangement policy – allowing people to have choice in how they structure their full or part-time hours and when they choose to see their clients – which is important for balancing work, social, personal and family commitments.

We provide the tools our staff need – we believe it is critical to invest in internal assets. We provide a fleet of company cars. We provide high-quality laptops and phones. We provide software licenses and everything in between.

We provide a comprehensive and individualised induction program – we believe in getting to know our team members and providing the structured training, shadowing and mentoring you need to succeed in your role at Community Therapy.

We encourage career progression and clinical excellence – we believe in supporting career pathways and offer a range of stepping stones for staff to fulfill their career and life ambitions, whether that be to develop management skills and/or become a specialised and highly skilled clinician.

We provide outstanding continuous professional development  – we offer a range of paid internal professional development opportunities, as well as access to funds for external PD opportunities.

We offer an employee discount platform – through our HR Software, Employment Hero, our staff can access a variety of discounts ranging from groceries, insurance to personal goods. Allowing earned money to go further.

Group photo at a social event at the Hunter Valley

Our Culture

We strive to develop a culture that fosters professional excellence (through continuous quality improvement), as well as personal excellence (through empathy and relationship building) across all team members.

Great health care is delivered with a combination of great clinical care and also with great personal skills. We believe that is the same as how we look after our team. We all want to be within a team that is focused on professional excellence, but we want to be cared for and listened to at the same time.

Two clinicians smiling in front of a branded car

Supporting Our Wonderful Staff

Here’s some of the ways Community Therapy supports its staff:

  • As mentioned, we offer flexible working arrangements for all team members
  • We have an employee assistance program (i.e. on-demand counselling and psychological support)
  • We offer unending kindness and compassion to our staff
  • Meal breaks are entered into your calendar – we value your break times – we support careers as a marathon
  • Travel time is included and paid for as part of your workday and no more than 30 minutes at the start and end of a clinical workday is within personal time

Video meeting with team members

Apply for a Career with Community Therapy

Want to know more about working with us? Great, we’d love to hear from you!

  • We welcome all applications and are very open to chatting confidentially about our team, our mission and our future.
  • We are located in Newcastle, the Hunter, Port Stephens and Central Coast, NSW
  • We have numerous office locations
  • We’re a great place to work!

Please browse our openings on our careers page, as well as use our contact page for any questions.

Apply Now

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