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In this episode, Scott Lynch (Managing Director of Community Therapy) speaks with Viv Allanson (CEO of Maroba Caring Communities).

Image of podcast guest Viv Allanson smiling.

They discuss the challenges and opportunities in residential aged care, the importance of physical activity and wellness programs for older adults, and the complexities of government regulation and its impact on the sector.

We hope you find this conversation inspiring and illuminating! See a list of the resources mentioned in the podcast below.


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  • The funding and staffing requirements in aged care need to be addressed to ensure the delivery of quality care.
  • Physical activity and wellness programs are essential in aged care to improve residents’ well-being and quality of life.
  • Government regulations and reporting can be burdensome and are not always perfectly aligned with the best outcomes for residents.

0:00 – Introduction and Background
2:45 – Challenges and Opportunities in Residential Aged Care
8:18 – The Role of Allied Health in Aged Care
11:09 – How Physical Activity Programs Improve Quality of Life
18:19 – Communicating Benefits of Physical Activity to Older Adults
26:20 – Quality Indicators and Regulatory Burden
31:15 – Structural Reform and Government Involvement
38:49 – The Need for In-Field Experience in Government Cabinets
42:38 – Leadership and Maintaining Optimism