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In this episode, Scott Lynch (Managing Director of Community Therapy) speaks with Tim Stewart (CEO & Medical Director of HEAL Urgent Care).

A profile image of the CEO of HEAL Urgent Care, Tim Stewart

HEAL is a walk-in urgent care clinic for non-life-threatening injuries and illnesses, with the goal of providing excellent care for patients while easing the burden on public emergency departments. Scott and Tim discuss how HEAL Urgent Care was built from the ground up – from ideation to the first week of operation.

We hope you find this insightful and inspiring!


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  • HEAL aims to bridge the gap between general practice and the hospital, providing an alternative for patients who don’t need hospital-level care.
  • Prioritising an excellent consumer experience leads to better health and business outcomes.
  • The clinic offers a comprehensive range of services, including X-rays, pathology, wound repair, fracture management, and more.


(0:00) Intro and Tim’s Background
(4:15) The Journey of Setting Up HEAL Urgent Care
(14:46) Importance of Innovation and Consumer Experience
(24:58) The Scope of Care at HEAL
(35:14) Medicare Urgent Care Clinics and HEAL’s Relationship With The Public Sector
(41:33) Challenges and Opportunities for HEAL
(49:52) Final Thoughts and The Future