We are at Aidacare at Cardiff today, looking at the Raphael Quattro recliner chair. This chair is a four motor chair with a lot of independent positioning options, including a lift function, adjustable leg rest, head adjustment, and lumbar support. An occupational therapist (OT) would love this chair because of its ability to customize postural support and help people get comfortable.

Disadvantages of Four Motors

One potential disadvantage of the four motor design is that it may be harder for people with cognitive concerns or memory loss to use the hand control. In these cases, a single motor chair with fewer buttons may be a better option. However, for those who are cognitively sound and able to use the hand control, the four motor design can be a great solution.

Safety Concerns

It’s important to consider the safety of the chair, especially for those living with complex medical conditions or cognitive impairments. If someone is unable to navigate the hand control, they could potentially get stuck in the chair, which could create a falls risk. For those with incontinence concerns, custom fabric options and universal chair covers are available.

Pressure Area Concerns

For those with pressure area concerns or pressure injury risk factors, the Air Lift Chair is a better option. This chair is specifically designed with these needs in mind, using a special Dartex material that is breathable, multi-stretch, and has an adjustable chamber at the seat base. Occupational therapists and other allied health professionals can use pressure mapping to determine the best chair for an individual’s needs.