Adjustacare is a provider of home healthcare equipment, including beds and other assistive technology.

Avante Lo Lo Bed

One product Adjustacare offers is the Avante Lo Lo bed, which is designed to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. It features a trendelenburg tilt, the ability to be lowered to the ground, and removable or bolted side rails for added safety. The bed is also expandable, making it suitable for long-term use as an individual’s needs may change over time.

ICare Bed

In contrast, the ICare bed has a more traditional hospital look and may not be as suitable for use in a home setting.

Mattress Options

Both the Avante Lo Lo bed and the ICare bed offer a range of mattress options to meet various clinical needs, including pressure area care, comfort, and height considerations. Adjustacare has a wide selection of mattress options available, with over 30 different options on the floor to choose from. These options range from spring-based mattresses to hybrid options and memory foams.


When choosing a bed and mattress for home healthcare, it’s important to consider both the functional and aesthetic features that will meet the individual’s needs. Adjustacare offers a wide range of options to help individuals find the perfect bed and mattress combination for their specific needs.