We help all our team members with their allied health career progression

Community Therapy is an Allied health organisation working in the Newcastle, Hunter Valley and Central Coast regions. We are proud to foster a team of healthcare experts dedicated to nurturing careers focused on assisting individuals with disabilities.

We have a variety of career pathways for clinicians to consider, including clinical pathways towards specialisation in elective fields, as well as management and business skills. Some of these fields include physiotherapy, occupational therapy, dietetics, speech pathology, administration, massage therapy, exercise physiology, therapy assistants, and more.

What is life like working for Community Therapy as a new graduate

At Community Therapy, working as part of our Dream Team comes with numerous benefits and opportunities for professional growth. One of the highlights is our commitment to flexible working arrangements, recognizing the importance of work-life balance. We understand that individuals have diverse personal commitments and responsibilities, and we strive to accommodate these by offering flexible schedules that suit the needs of our employees. Internal collaboration is at the heart of our company culture. We take great pride in cultivating a collaborative environment where health professionals from various disciplines work together seamlessly to provide holistic care to our clients.

At Community Therapy, we strongly believe in investing in our team members’ career progression. We provide numerous opportunities for professional development, including training programs, workshops, and conferences. In addition to professional development, we understand the importance of fostering a sense of community and connection among our team. We organize regular social events and team-building activities, creating opportunities for our employees to relax, bond, and form lasting relationships outside of work. These events not only enhance team cohesion but also contribute to a positive and enjoyable work environment.

Check out our page fully dedicated to showing you what being a team member of Community Therapy is like.

Smooth induction with our buddy system

Mentor Bronte sitting on a grassy hill overlooking the beach with her buddy Pratik

Every year, we carefully select a small group of graduates in various clinical streams and regions. Our primary goal is to guarantee personal support for each of them, which is provided by our large and experienced team of Allied Health Professionals. Our esteemed “buddying” program, emphasizing the value of a gradual approach, is specifically tailored to ensure a smooth onboarding and training experience for our new team members. This program offers abundant support from our exceptional team of clinicians and administration.

Embarking on a new role can be challenging as you navigate unfamiliar processes, strive for professional growth, and maintain a work-life balance. Our CT Buddy Plan is designed to offer dedicated support during the early stages of your career. It provides you with extensive experience, exceptional support, regular mentoring, and fosters personal and professional development.

Our graduate program runs for 12 months with full time employment continuing after this period.

Continuing Professional Development Statement

At Community Therapy, we understand the significance of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for both allied health professionals and our entire staff. As such, we are committed to ensuring that your CPD journey is seamless and enriching throughout your career with us.

CPD is not only a mandatory requirement but also an interactive experience at Community Therapy. We believe in the importance of continuous learning and growth for all team members, including our exceptional administrative staff, as they play a crucial role in our organization.

We recognize that education is a pivotal aspect of skill-building and career satisfaction. By investing in our professional development, we not only enhance our capabilities but also foster a deeper appreciation and fulfillment in our work. As we expand our knowledge and expertise, we naturally find greater enjoyment and gratification in the meaningful contributions we make through our roles at Community Therapy. Along with accessing 3rd party CPD courses and learning avenues, you will also have access to our entire library of courses.

Career Reviews – Providing Opportunities to Grow and Improve

At Community Therapy, we follow a consistent review process to ensure that we comprehensively assess the progress of our team members towards their career pathway goals and determine the best ways to support their future endeavors.

These reviews are conducted in a bipartisan manner, creating a valuable opportunity for staff to provide feedback to their managers and identify areas for improvement. This mutual feedback fosters a supportive environment where career progression is a focal point. It allows us to review areas of quality improvement related to their respective careers and identify and develop Continuing Professional Development (CPD) plans.

By actively engaging in these reviews and feedback sessions, we aim to empower our team members to shape their own career journeys, identify areas of growth, and leverage appropriate CPD resources and external education opportunities to enhance their skills and expertise.

Many Community Therapy employees sitting around a table in a meeting


At Community Therapy, we prioritize fair remuneration progression for our team, adhering to the standards set by the Health Professionals and Support Services Award. We constantly evaluate and compare our remuneration levels against the New South Wales Health Award, ensuring that we remain competitive in terms of compensation.

Our remuneration structures at Community Therapy are designed to align with yearly, full-time equivalent progression. This provides a clear framework for career advancement and financial growth. Moreover, we offer dedicated pathways for progression beyond the standard yearly progression, recognizing the individual achievements and aspirations of our team members. We are committed to providing opportunities for professional and financial development, allowing our employees to thrive and reach their full potential within our organization.

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