Charlestown Mobile Allied Health Services

Community Therapy offers mobile Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Pathology, Dietetics and Massage services to the Charlestown community. This means our practitioners visit homes, workplaces, or community venues to support with a range of assessments and clinical interventions.

Community Therapy is a local, family-owned company and we have operated in Charlestown since 2016 as we were founded nearby at Belmont. We predominantly work with NDIS participants, older adults living at home and people recovering from hospitalisations or surgeries at home. We provide managed and brokered services to home care providers and aged care facilities.

Mobile Allied Health throughout Charlestown

Allied Health Services


Our Physiotherapists are experienced in supporting patients with a range of physical and neurological conditions.

We are a community organisation and visit people at their home.

We help people improve their physical function through evidence-based Physiotherapy programs.

People we support are often looking to:

  • Decrease their pain
  • Improve their strength
  • Improve their mobility
  • Improve their balance

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapist supporting a client to navigate a ramp with their scooter

Our Occupational Therapists help people with practical daily skills, which in turn, translates to a higher quality of life.

We help people achieve meaningful goals.

Often these goals are related to –

  • Fine motor skills (cooking, writing)
  • Social participation
  • Gross motor skills

We are able to perform a number of different assessments and management of

  • Assistive equipment prescription
  • Equipment reviews
  • Environmental modifications
  • Building modifications

These interventions have a very positive impact on confidence and independence.

NDIS Participants

Client and Occupational Therapist trialing a stair lift

Community Therapy is a registered NDIS provider and was audited by SAI Global in 2019.

We offer a number of services under the NDIS including

  • Physiotherapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Assistive Technology
  • Specialist Disability Accommodation assessments
  • Supported Independent Living assessments
  • Home Modifications

Our service is mobile and we travel to our clients home, work or community.

Home Care Clients

Physiotherapist supporting older adult while walking and smiling

We love the opportunity to help people live independently at home!

We partner with most home care providers and also commonwealth home support programme providers.

We specifically help with:

  • Physiotherapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Manual Handling training
  • Compliance – we provide all clinical documentation and synchronise our systems with the provider

Read about the ways we’ve helped in Charlestown

Charlestown Resident 1 – Fall Prevention Allied Health:

We met a lovely client who was an older adult that was referred to us by a home care provider because they had recurrent falls (several over recent months). The homecare provider and family were concerned about their safety in the foreseeable future and their ability to stay living at home.

A Physiotherapist from Community Therapy conducted an assessment at the person’s home and started working with them twice per week for three months to improve their strength and balance with a falls prevention program.

Over the months ahead, this person did not have a single fall and on review of their outcome measures of strength and balance, we saw significant improvements and they were no longer classified as a high falls risk. Most importantly, this person reported that they were confident to stay at home, and they were confident to go back into the community and do simple but meaningful tasks like attending shopping again.

Stroke physiotherapy rehabilitation

Ways we’ve helped with Allied Health in Charlestown (continued)

Charlestown Resident 2:

We accepted a referral from a home care provider to help an older lady that lives with Multiple Sclerosis. It was our role to help her move her strength, balance & mobility forward to manage the impacts of multiple sclerosis.

The person had a meaningful goal of being able to return to swimming, which was something she hadn’t done for quite some time. Over the coming months, we started to work on strength, balance and mobility on land through our home visits.

After seeing improvements in those deficiencies, we decided to conduct a joint visit at the local lake – which has a disability ramp for people to walk into the water. Our Physiotherapist did an aquatic Physiotherapy session with the purpose of building the person’s capacity to swim again.

So several months on, the person is now independently attending the pool on a weekly basis!

Physiotherapist supporting a client during a hydrotherapy session at the beach

Experience the Benefits of Community Therapy

Here are some of the reasons why Community Therapy is a trusted Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy provider in Charlestown:

  • We have successfully operated in the Hunter for 4+ years
  • We provide services to the comfort and convenience of our clients home
  • We employ wonderful clinicians that love to serve the community
  • We have extensive experience across aged care, disability and post hospitalisation care
  • Empathy is part of our therapy

For more on our services or to book an initial assessment with us, contact our team on 1300 031 935.

Selfie of two female Occupational Therapists smiling with a CT car in the background