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Our new initiative – Community Health TV!

Welcome to ‘Community Health TV’ powered by Community Therapy. We’ve got a new initiative starting called ‘Community Health TV’. We’re putting together short form, five to ten minute videos, on interesting and engaging and important health care topics.

We’re really passionate about the care of older adults, people living with disabilities and people recovering from hospitalizations and surgeries in their home.

We provide face to face services across the Central Coast and Hunter New England health districts, but we also provide education and consulting services widespread across Australia now, in particular our online manual handling training and we have more training to come.

Get to know our amazing team

The purpose of Community Health TV is to share our knowledge, so there will be things from myself, Scott Lynch, background of a Physiotherapist, but also from clinicians across our Allied Health team and from experts within the healthcare sector.

Across our team we have Occupational Therapists, Speech Pathologists, Dietitians, Massage Therapists, Physiotherapists, Exercise Physiologists and Allied Health Assistants. We will also be be interviewing specialists in their fields. Specialists across our local health districts, but across Australia as well in the field of geriatrics and neurology and all types of disability and musculoskeletal conditions. And we may even go across borders with international guests to reach out to share knowledge worldwide with specialists in their field.

Why would we do that? Great question! Knowledge is power. If you’ve got knowledge about your health care or knowledge about the health care of your loved ones, you can really help people live better lives.

And that’s what we’re really passionate about.

Do you know much about health care conditions effecting everyday people in the community?

So some examples: Osteoarthritis. Did you know that there’s really great methods of being able to help someone live with osteoarthritis with pain in their knee? Dietitians, Physiotherapists, many different health professionals can help alleviate the pain endured by osteoarthritis, but also help people improve their function.

Incontinence: There’s plenty of things that we can do as healthcare professionals to help people living with incontinence.

Falls can be stopped and prevented by a huge percentage.

I’ve got on my list of things osteoporosis. What should somebody living with osteoporosis eat? And what sort of physical activity should they do?

Someone that might have had a stroke in their lives and they’re struggling with speaking and communicating. Can that be helped? What sort of things could a Speech Pathologist do?

They’re all really good questions to explore over a couple of minutes to really help you know who to go and seek help from. And really, when we are speaking about these things, if we can just help one person engage with the right health care professional, whether it’s in our region, whether it’s somewhere across Australia, we feel like it is all worth it!

Spread the word!

You might have a loved one living in Western Australia and you live in Sydney, and all of a sudden you hear one of our videos and you think: “Wow, I didn’t know that Speech Pathologist could help that person. I’m going to make that recommendation.” Those are the things that we’re really looking to achieve.

We like to have fun – and give away prizes!

We’ve got all these different props around to make it look pretty and engaging.

In our first episode you will see a bookshelf of weird and interesting things which probably represents our culture here at Community Therapy. We’ve got our skeleton who is aptly named Indiana Bones by our admin manager, Alesha, and I ask a question about the skeleton to finish the first episode!

Check out the episode and see if you can name that bone….without googling it!!

Look forward to sharing knowledge over our future episodes!

If you are in need of any Allied Health services for you, a loved one or someone you care for please reach out to us on  1300 031 935 or contact us through our website.